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What does GREYFOOD?

Greyfood is looking for the most popular products from world-famous brands, which are being exported in a safest and fastest way to our customers.

Take Advantage in Ethnic Markets!

In our deals with major brands, we aim to keep our buying prices at the same level as major capital markets in order to protect the ethnic market and the markets that hold it.
Thus, you can see prestigious products on your shelves and have a chance to compete.

Professional Distribution System

We use a professional distribution system.
Our company do not operate on stocks, we get our products from the factories with no in between steps and forward them directly to the clients without any extra-costs. In addition to that, we offer our customers a complete service, including labelling process and the logistics.

Serve your customers with world’s most famous brands

We are giving our clients the opportunity to take advantages from us selling the most popular products at competitive prices, in order to maximize their profit margin.
For further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



The brands we are working with:

As a company it’s essential to us to be supplying our clients with only the highest quality products. To get a quick insight into the companies we are working with, here are a few examples:

  • Ferrero
  • Red Bull
  • Haydi
  • PepsiCO
  • Rittersport
  • Mondelez
  • Mars
  • Loacker
  • Capri Sun
We will supply more famous brands really soon…
Please contact us for a full list of brands.

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