Why Greyfood?

With 25 years of experience in the food industry, we have reached the top of the supply chain in the last 6 years. Leveraging our years of experience in production, marketing, and sales, we have built a dynamic structure, successfully filling in the missing pieces in a short time. With our expert team and by utilizing all the innovations brought by technology and modern times, we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs. Aiming to be a leader in fast-moving consumer goods, we continuously add new products to our portfolio.

Since its establishment, Greyfood GmbH has had a customer-oriented perspective, prioritizing the profit of its customers. This approach has always earned us a special place in the eyes of our customers. What makes us unique is our idea of offering branded products that are not available in Germany’s ethnic markets. With this dynamic structure, Greyfood GmbH has developed a new sales channel and technique to offer branded products.


GREYFOOD; the foundations of our quality policy are based on customer satisfaction, quality and food safety, environmental policy, occupational health and safety, and business ethics. By adapting and applying ISO 9001 Quality Management and IFS standards, quality control criteria have become part of our corporate policy.

GREYFOOD is a whole with its employees. The entire team acts with awareness of quality and food safety; with the support of top management, we analyze and continuously improve the effectiveness and risks of the quality management system,

without compromising the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction,
by listening to our customers and providing them with helpful solutions,
by working in cooperation and mutual trust with our business partners and subcontractors to achieve maximum efficiency,
by continuously improving all processes that affect the success of our company and the quality of our services/products and occupational health and safety,
by acting in accordance with all relevant local and international laws, regulations, and standards in the areas of IFS Food Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment,
by adopting GREYFOOD’s quality path with a sense of responsibility towards food hygiene, environment, and society; minimizing occupational health and safety (OHS) and environmental risks, making work environments safe, and protecting the health of our employees through training and workshops, increasing the individual contributions of our managers and employees, and adhering to our ethical principles.
GREYFOOD remains committed to general hygiene and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) rules without compromise at all stages of its services.

What needs to be done in this context is specified in procedures. Hygiene-cleaning training and inspections are routinely carried out, and personnel health checks are completed periodically. GREYFOOD warehouses are designed to store packaged products in hygienic environments.

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