Greyfood is an FMCG company specialised in the supply and distribution of FMCG products in both global and domestic markets. We are proud to be official distributors of Ferrero, Loacker, Redbull and Caprisun. Our aim is to deliver the products of World brand companies to our customers at advantageous prices, and do so safely and efficiently. Having direct Access to the world’s most desired A-class brands and a wide product portfolio are some of our strengths in the global industry. With our team of professionals, each in their own discipline, we can ensure that we respond quickly and accurately to the demands of our customers by using all the innovations brought by technology and the Age. As Greyfood, we always aim to establish a long-term business partnership with our clients and suppliers by prioritizing ease, satisfaction and success.

Since the day it was founded, Greyfood GmbH has had a perspective that prioritizes the gain of its customers, not its own. This thought has allowed us to take a unique place in history. What makes us who we are is the idea of placing branded products that are not found in the ethnic markets of Germany. With this dynamic structure, Greyfood GMBH has developed a new sales channel where it can offer branded products.

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